Meant to Be Reviews!!

Rachel Clarke at Fiktshun says:

Meant to Be is an imaginative and enchanting debut novel from author Tiffany King that begins with a series of beautifully written and wonderfully descriptive passages that set the pace and mood for the remainder of the story.

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Amber at Me, MyShelf and I says:

This book was a great ride (get it…ride..hehe. Oh jeeze read the book so you find this funny too please.) It takes you every which way, slaps a new twist on something I didn’t think could be changed and leaves you guessing the whole way through. I promise if you buy this book you will not be disappointed!

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Jamie at Two Chicks on Books:

What I loved about this book was it was a completely original take on a subject that most of us already know. I won’t say more as there would spoilery involved. All I can say is when you think you’ve got things figured Tiffany throws you for a loop and you end thinking no way! I loved the connection between the characters and their individuality as well. I could have devoured this book in one setting if I hadn’t started it so late. Also Tiffany left the ending open for a sequel I would love to read more about Krista, Sam and the rest of the group. Fingers crossed for more. So go get this book it’s a wonderful read.

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Patricia at Two Chicks on Books says:

OHHHEMMMGEEE!!! This book was a blast to read. I totally did not see this one coming. I will not spoil it for you all but, WOW!!

The characters in this book were awesome. People I could really see myself connecting to and hanging out with. I love Krista and Sam as best friends. Mark and Shawn were equally awesome. I love the take on this subject (again, I will not say as this is part of what made this whole book so out of this world for me).

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Kristi Stern at The Bookfaery says:

MEANT TO BE by TIFFANY KING was one of those books that I read in one day. It was one of `those’ books! If you are an avid reader then you know what I mean! When you pick up a book and the very first paragraph grabs you immediately and you whisper to yourself “I’m not letting go until the very last word!” That’s what debut author Tiffany King’s new novel MEANT TO BE did to me!

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Theresa at Fade Into Fantasy says:

*Sighhhh* You know that book that you’ve been searching for? That ONE book that you just know is out there and just has to be better than any other book you’ve read? Well, this isn’t it. BUT…
It’s as close as you’re going to get!

You see.. I don’t believe that ONE book exists. There are a full spectrum of “those” books out there, and Meant To Be is definitely on that list! Mrs. King has written a beautifully fun, romantic, interesting, amazing, topsy-turvy, twisty-curvy story that is sure to be enjoyed by all who like reading! Honestly, I think the only person who might not enjoy this read would be the creepy guy in the corner who only reads horror. LOL If you’ve ever been in love, dreamed of something better, faced trials, been torn away from someone you cared about, or even just went to high school, you will like this book.

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