My First Guest Blog Post!! Yay!!!

I’ve taken the plunge and agreed to do a guest post to help promote my fabulous friend’s new book, Fated by Courtney Cole. I finished reading Courtney’s first book, Every Last Kiss this weekend and I loved it. Courtney has come up with a fresh new idea for her novels that is extremely enjoyable. I hope all of you get a chance to check them out.

I’ve decided to make this blog post interesting, sooooooooo I had Courtney answer the following questions but I  am also posting a fake answer. It’s your job to pick which ones are real and which ones are fake. By playing along you will be entered into a drawing for some of the fabulous prizes Courtney has listed on her blog.

1) Would you rather live in Cleopatra’s time as Charmian or nowadays as Courtney Cole the writer?

A) Definitely nowadays.  I would LOVE to visit Cleopatra’s palace and see all of the things that I’ve written about, but I would still want to come home at night.  We have air conditioning, modern medicine and margaritas. 

 B) Oh I would definitely live in Cleopatra’s time. Being a part of that part of history would be amazing and I would love to see the people we’ve only read about.

 2) Who would you pick, your darling husband or hunky Hasani?

 A) I love my husband and all but seriously Hasani is hot. I’m sure he would pick up his dirty socks and remember to lower the toilet seat lid. Of course Hasani probably wouldn’t wear socks under his sandals and I’m sure chamber pots didn’t have toilet seats to lower.

 B) Oooh- mean.  My awesome husband (I hope he’s reading this…) actually has many of Hasani’s traits, so I’d pick him.  I mean, I took a couple of vows and all…

 3) Which would appeal to you more traveling into the future or traveling back in time?

 A) I would have to pick traveling into the future. I’m a huge Sci-Fi junkie and would love to see what the future holds. Maybe someday aliens will actually come to visit.

 B) I think traveling back in time.  I’ve read history, so I would know what to expect.  With the future, I would have no idea how to prepare for it.  I mean, maybe there’s a new species of predators lurking there who would pierce my forehead with 9-inch long talon claws and suck my brain out or something. That would suck (literally).  So, I’d better stick to the past. 

 4) Which food group appeals to you the most: Grapes, Figs and Wine or Pizza, Chocolate and Soda?

 A) Oh, drat.  If you’d said Pizza, chocolate and WINE, the answer would be easy.  Um.  I think I’m still going to have to go with pizza and chocolate.  You’re devious today, Tiff! 

 B) Oh I would have to pick grapes, figs and wine. I hate pizza and think chocolate is just downright disgusting. You’re devious today, Tiff!

 5) Hunky Hasani on a deserted island with you or access to as many books as your car could carry from Books A Million?

 A) Oh, I’d love hunky Hasani… but I’d better say the books.  My husband really might be reading this.  Did he put you up to these questions?….

 B) Oh definitely Hasani we can make our own magic together. Oops I hope my husband doesn’t read this.  Did he put you up to these questions?….

 6) Friends or a day as Cleopatra? 

 A) I would pick Cleopatra for sure. I can buy me some new friends ;o)

 B) My friends.  Definitely.  I have the best friends in the world- and you know you’re included in that. 

 Thank you so much for having me on your blog today.  It’s been fun and I really appreciate it!!  Hugs!

Thanks everyone for visiting my first guest blog and I hope you take the time to guess which answers are right. 😮


Those Fabulous Book Bloggers

Soooo… my book Meant to Be, has been sitting in a great spot on the Amazon charts for some time now, and for this, I am so very thankful. Getting your book in the hands of the readers is perhaps the hardest job for all writers. For me, it has all been possible because of a fabulous group I like to call, my book bloggers.

Book bloggers should be every writers best friend. They are friendly, they love to read, and the majority of them are so very nice. They help spread the word about books they have read and they can be incredibly supportive. They enjoy interacting with writers and have wonderful insight. I could not live without my wonderful batch of bloggers. They make being a writer the best job imaginable.

There is no secret recipe for finding great book bloggers except to treat them how you would like to be treated. Respect what they do for you considering they take the time out of their busy lives to not only read our books, but to also review them too. Take some time to visit some blogs and see what they are all about. Listed on my blog roll are some of my favorites. 😮

Guidelines for Read-a-thon

Yay!! It’s finally here…..the read-a-thon starts TOMORROW.  Here’s a few simple guidelines for tomorrow to get you started.

1) This is meant to be fun!!!! So get some books you’re dying to read and settle in for a great day of reading.

2) Since the read-a-thon is for U.S and International peeps it has been decided that everyone will start reading sometime Saturday when they’re ready.

3) Goal: see if you can read for 24 hours straight.

4) Trivia is going to start around noon PST on Saturday, so 4:00 p.m. for EST and around 8:00 p.m. for those in the UK.

5) Trivia questions will be a mix of books, books made into movies and TV shows based on books.

6) Trivia will be on Twitter and will be used through a # that will be set up in the morning.

7) We have lots of cool prizes set up. If you’re an international reader we have a few prizes that can be sent like Gift Cards for Amazon, since international shipping is crazy pricey.

8) I have set the talented Brielle Bookworm as the mediator on this. Please remember that she is a young book blogger and has done a fabulous job setting this up. Her internet is acting up but we plan to do everything on Twitter. :o)

Remember this is a fun way for a lot of us to read fabulous books from our TBR lists.


My Series Finally has a Name Yay!!

After much deliberation and lots of input from the family, my series finally has a name, Yay!!!! We decided on The Saving Angels. Picking the perfect name for a series of books is much harder than I would have ever thought, especially since everyone in my family wanted to weigh in with their choices. For example, my son thought Turbo Angels would have been a perfect choice, hehehe (I think not).

Now, for my international giveaway. This was a very exciting giveaway for me. I was so very happy to see so many international peeps interested in winning a signed copy of Meant to Be. I plan on doing two bundle pack giveaways when I finish book two (Forgotten Souls)  in the series, one for the U.S and one for my international peeps. Soooooo, the winner of my international giveaway is Kristen Haskins, from My Bookish Fairy Tale. A big congrats to Kristen and thanks again to everyone that entered 😮

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