Another Meant to Be Teaser Just For You!!

As promised, here is another teaser for all of you that enjoyed my last little “Sneak Peek”. I appreciate all of your comments and input, and I hope you enjoy this one just as much!

       I sighed in contentment as my feet touched the sand. I had been to beaches before, but never on the west coast. I knew I was crazy to think so, but to me the sand just felt better here. I loved how nice and cool it was as I dug my toes into it. Maybe I felt this way because I thought it might be our beach, the one from my dreams, but I couldn’t help feeling like I belonged here.

      My mom settled on the sand while I walked toward the ocean, pretending to look for shells.  The breeze from the ocean pulled at the edge of my shirt as I approached the water. Shivering slightly in the cool sea breeze, I crossed my arms to hold my shirt in place and dipped my toes in the ice-cold water. The anticipation made me feel like I was going to burst, but I looked out at the endless sea for a few minutes as I worked up the nerve to turn around and see if it was the same amusement park from my dreams. I wasn’t sure I could handle the disappointment if I was wrong.

      Finally with no further apprehension, I slowly turned and felt my breath leave me in one big gasp.

      I was standing on a spot that I had stood on hundreds of times. There was no denying that this was indeed the Boardwalk that I had seen so many times in my dreams. I looked around quickly, as if expecting to see him, and then shook my head at how ridiculous it would be if I did. Of course he was not here, he didn’t even exist.

      I must have seen a picture of the Boardwalk when I was younger and unconsciously added it into my dreams. I could find no other explanation that would explain why I had dreams about some place where I had never been.

      I tried to contemplate what this could mean. Was I crazy or could this be real, and if it was real, did that mean he might actually exist somewhere? I didn’t know what to think at this point. I came here today hoping to get some answers; but ironically, I was more confused than ever.

More to come 😮


A Sneak Peek of Meant to Be

Well it’s official, I had to push back the release day of Meant to Be. I am now hoping for it to be ready in March. I have a very talented art major hard at work creating the best book cover possible for Meant to Be. Unfortunately, like writing a book, good artwork takes time, which has delayed the February release date I was shooting for. For being so patient, I am giving all of you a sneak peek into Meant to Be. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Over the next few weeks, I will continue to add more little peeks into Meant to Be. Thanks for all of your patience and support.

Meant to Be

By: Tiffany King

The dream was as familiar as always, but that didn’t keep my heart from practically beating out of my chest from the anticipation of seeing him again. The bright moonlight overhead, and the lights from the amusement park in the distance, provided just enough light to see him waiting for me. I couldn’t help the smile that tugged at the corner of my mouth as I slowly walked toward him. The hard packed wet sand crunched under my bare feet as I walked along the tide line. I could feel the cold water lapping over the top of my feet, reaching my ankles. The fact that I have never seen his face didn’t diminish the intimacy that has blossomed from the many nights we have spent together. There was a subtle, cool breeze off the ocean that might have chilled me if not for his warm embrace that comforted me like a down blanket on a cold winter night. I hoped against hope that the new twist of the dreams was a fluke, and that tonight would be different. I felt his fingers tighten around mine, and I tried with every bit of strength I had to hold on, but the invisible force yanked him away like a kite in the wind, and in an instant, he was gone.

I woke to a damp pillow from the tears I had shed while dreaming.

The dream had changed over the last few weeks and I could hardly control the sorrow that filled me when I awakened. I didn’t understand why, after dreaming about him my whole life, the dreams were now different. What was this mysterious force that suddenly pulled him away, leaving me all alone in the darkness?

More to come 😮 …..

Hello world!

 Who would have ever thought I would be sitting here posting my very first blog (not me)? So, what does one blog about for the first time; I chose self-publishing. Dum-dum-dum! Being an avid tweeter, I pretty much know how most people feel when it comes to self-publishing. Before I discuss those reasons, I will first discuss why I chose this path.

 Self-publishing has never been as accessible as it is now.  The Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader and the Barnes & Noble Nook have made it possible to get your completed work out there and virtually in the hands of millions. Even those that don’t own an e-reader can still download the apps to their phones or computers. With bookstores fading away, digital books are taking the world by storm. The beauty of self-publishing for me is the fact that I make all the decisions. I decide the price of the book and I decide how I am going to market the book. Yes, I am responsible for doing all the work, but I look forward to the satisfaction of making it work.

 Now, I know many people feel that self-publishing is selling out and taking the easy road; that those who do it are skipping the steps that so many other authors have taken. Finding an agent by sending out query letters and waiting for that agent to sell my idea to publishers was just not the route for me. I don’t begrudge all of those that have taken this route. I can only imagine your joy and happiness when you find an agent who loves your work and is able to get a publishing house to buy it. I just want my book out there. I want people to read it and I want to write many more books. :O)

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